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Can I Put Systane In My Cats Eyes

Dip your finger into the solution, and gently drip the saline solution into the eye. Then, clean the discharge off your cat’s eyes as well. Besides saline solution, you can also use a cotton ball to clean your cat’s eyes. However, you should not use saline to remove foreign particles from your cat’s eyes. Instead, you should keep the eye.

Can I put Systane Balance eye drops in my dog's eyes. She had a salve for them, but I am her grandmother and dog sitting while her parents are away and I don't have the salve. I was wonder if my Sysane would help her a little until her parents get back? It. Use sterile saline, or if you want the smaller drop bottle, get something like Refresh Tears, Blink Tears or Systane Tears. You want a formula that says tears, not for redness, itchiness, allergies, pink eye, or severe dry eye, and no gels. Feb 10, 2010 #3 Cindy and Tritone Joined: Dec 29, 2009 Thank, guys.

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